BITACore: Your all-in-one indexing platform!

It is not a secret that index construction is a tedious and operationally heavy effort. It normally starts with a client developing a concept, implementing and testing it, and then sending a half-baked rulebook of the strategy to an index provider, who then transforms the concept into a production-ready index. In a second phase, a back-and-forth process between client and index provider will normally take place, requiring several iterations until achieving a final product that both parties are satisfied with. Every single iteration takes a few days at a minimum until cleared… And that’s only for just one index!

Traditional Index Construction Chart

In order to make this process faster, more flexible, and more cost-efficient, at BITA we have developed BITACore, an all-in-one self-indexing platform. BITACore is a powerful toolkit that can reduce the development times in the construction of indexes and investment strategies while amplifying clients’ innovation and business development capabilities.

BITACore Self-Indexing Platform

Index construction made intuitive and accessible

A fully cloud-based platform, BITACore gives users complete flexibility to build, backtest, calculate and analyze indexes, and systematic strategies without relying on expensive data and index licenses, complex internal tools, or clunky applications.

BITACore is especially powerful in the following use cases:

  • Asset Managers looking to develop innovative systematic strategies
  • Index Providers needing a robust product development infrastructure
  • Investment Advisors and Consultants looking to quickly adapt to clients’ investment needs
  • Investment Professionals looking to enhance their ability to swiftly customize strategies and test new investment concepts

For the first time in the industry, the development of factor-based, ESG, smart beta, optimized, and other seemingly complex strategies can not only be completed in a matter of minutes, but the associated analytics (factor analytics, performance attribution, reports, factsheets, rulebooks and portfolio files) can be generated and downloaded automatically.

Fully-fledged Self-indexing Platform

BITA has harnessed the power of technology, big data, and automation to develop what we consider its the world’s most powerful cloud-based tool for the construction of indexes and systematic investment strategies. The platform’s next-generation UX/UI has been carefully designed with a “startup” mindset, boosting the traditional user experience offered by investment tools and platforms.

BITACore’s platform is composed of five main modules:

BITACore’s Home
  1. Universe Builder: This module provides users with the ability to build any type of basket of securities (equities) or filter existing baskets to be used in index construction.
  2. Index Builder: Allows users to construct standard or customized Indexes by parameterizing in great detail any investment or index rulebook.
  3. Optimized Index Builder: Allows users to run different types of optimized strategies given a long list of available constraints.
  4. Structured Index Builder: Allows users to build “Index of Index” and Multi-asset strategies from combinations of existing instruments (Indexes or ETFs).
  5. Analyzer: Displays visually impacting index and strategy analytics, for easy identification of sources of performance and risk, in both active and absolute basis. The Analyzer also includes a download center, where users can download performance series, factsheets, and rulebooks.

To take advantage and learn more about all of what BITACore has to offer, visit our website at or contact us at

BITA is the world’s first provider of end-to-end infrastructure for self-indexing and systematic investing.