The Coronavirus pandemic has certainly proven to be a challenge for Airlines and Airports because of travel restrictions and lockdown measures established by countries across the world. In 2020, the Airlines sector worldwide accumulated approximate losses of USD 119 billion, compared to previous years of healthy profits. According to Deloitte’s report, “COVID-19 Aviation’s recovery flight plan”, in April 2020, international flights decreased by nearly 80 percent, and domestic flights decreased by 70 percent.

Clean energy is the indisputable future of energy, as people seek more environmentally friendly solutions to solve their energy needs. This is a trend that is especially relevant in the United States, now that the Biden administration has rejoined the Paris Climate Accord. Moreover, other OECD countries are looking to reduce CO2 emissions and address climate change. The United States alone plans to invest an estimated $2 trillion into the clean energy sector. Furthermore, the United States is expecting to fully decarbonize the power sector by 2035 in order to achieve a larger goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Coronavirus has dominated the news and the lives of people around the globe for the past year and continues to do so. The focus on this topic seems it won’t change in the short-term, as the current developments and vaccination efforts implemented by countries around the world are now under the scope. Thus, becoming the end goal to achieve so life can slowly get back to normal.

As the vaccine rollout has begun in many countries around the world because of successful clinical trials, the necessity of easing the effects on the pandemic has helped to boost such initiatives. …

At BITA, we are happy to work with research firms, innovative investment advisors, and any organization looking to transform concepts into indexes, by providing them with the infrastructure to efficiently turn ideas into innovative investable indexes.

We basically can act as an accelerator of indexing ventures, helping organizations to build successful indexing businesses by leveraging our infrastructure and advice.

An example of such a cases is our collaboration with Cedargold for the launch of the Cedar Austrian Economics ESG Index (CAEEI).

China’s impressive growth has attracted investors during the past decades. As China’s economy matures, growth opportunities in traditional sectors have become scarce. However, other areas of investment are still present. In parallel to what the USA experienced in the 1990s and early 2000, there has been a massive shift of wealth generation from brick and mortar businesses into online business models.

Instead of only looking at the economy’s overall growth figures, investors should put their focus on both the growth of internet penetration and the impressive rise of the Chinese consumer. As the Chinese Government continues to make consumption a…

After years of publicity and anticipation, the term “5G” is nearly ubiquitous in our society nowadays. Regardless of the noise surrounding the topic, 5G is here to stay, and it is important for consumers, businesses, and investors alike to understand the whole spectrum of implications that this technology will have in our lives. It is common to find people whose expectation is limited to the fact that 5G should be more advanced than 4G. …

Salesforce has announced its intent to acquire Slack, the chat platform for work, in a USD 27.7 billion deal last week. This will allow the enterprise cloud giant to compete more directly with Microsoft; it also positions the company to capitalize on the growing trend of people using tools such as Slack for “work from home” purposes because of the pandemic.

In a Forbes article (, Salesforce Chairman and CEO Marc Benioff said:

“This is a match made in heaven… Together, Salesforce and Slack will shape the future of enterprise software and transform the way everyone works in the all-digital…

In the last few years, we have seen how cannabis legalization has proliferated worldwide, and it has become a sector with immense potential that has attracted the interest of many institutional and retail investors. Currently, Mexico is projected to be the largest country in the world by population to move forward with the legalization of cannabis. As Forbes suggests ( “Mexico will boast the biggest consumer market for cannabis products — with a population of more than 125 million people — representing an enormous leap forward for the developing international cannabis marketplace.”

Mexico’s new position on the legalization of cannabis…

Back in September, when we introduced our new series of thematic indices based on potential outcomes of the United States presidential election, Coronavirus was still dominating market news. Now that we are in the midst of post-election uncertainty, the pandemic still plays a relevant role in the daily news cycle.

With the positive announcement from Pfizer (a constituent of the BITA Trump Giants Index) regarding their COVID-19 vaccine trial, and the US surpassing over 100,000 new infections in a 24-hour period, it is hard to imagine the news cycle dominated by other topics.

Nevertheless, the election results continue to move…

Fintech refers to the technological innovations that have sought to improve and automate the delivery and use of financial services. Many view Fintech as essential to the future of the Financial Services sector, as technology has the potential to revolutionize all facets of finance, and bring superior products and cost savings to consumers. This pandemic, while very unfortunate, has provided a great opportunity for Fintech. The effects of Coronavirus have changed consumer habits and have drastically sped up adoption rates of many Fintech products that normally might have taken years to reach their full potential. …


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